Tuesday, November 22, 2016


A nuke explosion in space 

Hi my name is Dominic and I have another blog post. This is the writing I did for my writing sample.

One day a nuke hit our home planet so Superman, Dominic and Jacob flew in the rocket. Dominic went to the back of the rocket to get some food. The hatch magically opened and Dominic flew out the hatch. Jacob and superman did not now until they saw Dominic fly to the front of the rocket. Jacob and superman tried to fly after him. Dominic came a cross the evilest guy in space, Charlie. Jacob and superman found Dominic. Jacob hopped out to fight Charlie but Charlie  shot Jacob and killed him. Dominic knocked out Charlie and made him a good guy so they flew away and they tried to find another planet to live on, where they lived happily ever after.

I needed some help with editing, so I got help from Jono.

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  1. good job dominic i like the way you
    added your friends to put a bit of fun in
    your learning
    ka pie :)